March 6, 2010

Random & Interesting #1 is up, with a healthy dose of links to some of the best recent webpages. 

I have a few things that I'd like to get reviews up about, and once I make the decisions and get them organized, I'll put them online as well.

I'm experimenting with new link and website formats, so any feedback would be appreciated. 


Febraury 27, 2010

I have a new post up. Read it here.

I currently have a few articles in the works, including the start of my gardening plans, a couple of book reviews, and a few other things that don't really fit into any category. I reformatted the blog, and it should hopefully be easier to read now.

Additionally, I would like to respond to an extremely obnoxious comment that I have since removed, and which I won't include due to acutely painful grammatical errors, vulgarity, and general unpleseantness.

I maintain this site because I want to: it's not for money or for fame. I don't seek everyone's approval. If you like it great, if not, keep on clickin', there's really no need to make it known to me that you, for some reason or another, dislike my site. If you disagree with my opinions, I have no problem with civil and meaningful debate: after all, the internet is an open forum.

Welcome to Flames & Fallacy, a collection of my writing concerning a variety of topics, from books and popular culture, to food, the environment and important resources, along with my personal projects.

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